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The Date.

  Read The Text first! After almost eight years I finally asked her out for coffee. She brilliantly changed it to drinks. I got there earlier and picked a table facing the door.  I wanted to be the first to spot her. And so, I barely blinked,  holding my glass of water with both hands to prevent me from shaking the whole seven-minute wait. There she was, looking even more beautiful than the day we met. She smiled when her eyes met mine.  She walked towards me in slow motion.  My heart pounded loudly as I stood up to greet her. We gave each other the fastest hug in history and then sat down.  I tried to stop starting and be cool (which I am NOT). We ordered our much-needed drinks. I miserably failed at making small talk, until my mind went blank.  So I looked deep into her eyes and I said: My mind just went blank. Being the superstar that she is,  she saved the day by asking specific questions about me. It’s so strange to brief someone on full years of your life. Especially when that s

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The Text.

Las cosas se mueven todos los días en casa de María.

El dia que me despedí de ti.

The truth is, I am bisexual.